London Hyperlocal – Top Ten by Twitter Followers and Membership

A few weeks ago I did a shout out for stats about usage for London Hyperlocal sites. The aim was to ovehaul and update some work a friend had done in this area as part of a commission. Thanks to all of those who replied and your data has been incorporated. To those of you who didn’t reply and have been missed out or I have got your numbers wrong please do provide correct information. The following is only meant to be a first pass.

Top Ten London Hyperlocals by Twitter Followers – 15,500

yeah! Hackney – 7,220

Brixton Blog  – 6,660 – 4,837

BeckenhamTown.US – 3,842

Brockley Central – 3,786

Harringay Online –  3,295

East London Lines – 3,202 – 3,021

Camberwell Blog –  2,713

I anticipate some people might not be happy with me putting Twitter followers first. That’s not necessarily because I think it is the best measure but it is a like for like comparison. I’m well aware that there are all sorts of ways you can artificially boost your Twitter followers but I don’t think any of those in the list above are playing this game. They all have lots of followers because they offer a high quality addition to the timeline of anyone living in the areas they cover.

London Top Ten Hyperlocals By Registered Membership – 19,500 – 7,300 – 5,740 – 5,200

Harringay Online – 4,000 – 3,900 Daily – 3,512 – 2,903 – 2,600 – 2,040

It is likely that East Dulwich Forum would feature in this list – it may even be top but the number of members is not published on this site. There is a element of apples and pears with both news sites and forums appearing. I made a preliminary attempt to try and do a top ten based on traffic but there isn’t enough consistent data. Membership seemed to be a better guide to traffic than numbers quoted on the sites themselves. London’s busiest hyperlocal is either East Dulwich Forum or The latter has the higher numbers but those published by East Dulwich Forum are a bit out of date so if they have continued to grow they may be the busiest. I’m not aware of any hyperlocal sites outside of London that come near to either of them in terms of traffic or membership.


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5 Responses to London Hyperlocal – Top Ten by Twitter Followers and Membership

  1. Thanks for this interesting post. As you say, difficult to define registered membership – for example, the figure you quote for us is email newsletter subscriptions – this is separate to the registration system for our discussion forum, which would produce a higher headline number, but is inflated by spambots registering to post junk on the site etc.

  2. Apologies for not replying sooner.

    Your points are interesting and well made. There is always going to be an apple and pears element to this kind of analysis. Membership lists are particularly difficult and a lot will depend on platform used, whether access to the site is dependent on registration, the level of spam registrations and how often the list is cleaned with dud e-mails removed. Perhaps it would have been better to do just newsletter subscription numbers rather than membership.

  3. Hi

    Just seen this post, as of today 3rd July 2013 we have 42,721 active (registered) members of which 32,184 have posted a message. Does that mean we’re at number 1?


    • Mark, apologies but I have been neglecting this blog and only just got your reply. On the numbers that you give I do think you can claim to be number one. has over 20,000 and even the whole Neighbour Net network claims 41,000. LondonSE1 is a bit lower again but they seem to have two user databases – one for news and one for their forum. As far as I can see all these sites are quite conservative in the way they work out their numbers.

  4. Oh, and we probably have about 3 spam message posted a week. There are 67,340 registered in total, so we’re saying there’s about 25,000 non-active (probably spammers) so we don’t think of them as active. And we have no newsletter for people to subscribe to so we can’t count them.

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