London Hyperlocal Rankings

I’ve revisited the numbers that I did two years ago because people found them very interesting first time around and there were some serious omissions, one of which I spotted last week. It’s just for fun so please don’t get cross if I’ve missed your site out. Will be happy to amend these numbers on receipt of new data. I’ve made an attempt to work out comparative revenue and traffic numbers this time but as you see it is very broad brush. 

Top Twenty London Hyperlocals by Twitter Followers

Site Name – Followers 2012 – Followers 2014 – 15,500 – 26,422
Brixton Blog  – 6,660 – 16,189
Hackney Citizen – n/a – 14,219
yeah! Hackney – 7,220 – 13,822
Kings Road – n/a – 12,120
Kentishtowner – n/a, 11,349
BeckenhamTown.US – 3,842 – 9,325
Brixton Buzz – n/a 9,277 – 4,837 – 8,619
Crouch End – n/a 6,861
East London Lines – 3,202 – 6,695
Love Clapham – n/a 6,634
Harringay Online –  3,295 – 6,213
Teddington Town – n/a 6,187
Hackney Hive – n/a, 6,173
Twickerati – n/a, 6,111
Brockley Central – 3,786 – 5,968 – 3,021 – 5,503
Merton One Stop Local – n/a, 5143
Love Herne Hill – n/a 4,113
Camberwell Blog – 2,712, 3911

When I did this last time my list was woefully inadequate and I missed out a significant number of sites. I probably have done the same again this time but not on the same scale. With a fuller picture these numbers show up quite an interesting pattern. Twitter followers of sites based in South East and North East London tend to be huge whereas West and South West are much smaller. Possibly this reflects demographic patterns with the former having more professional twenty somethings.

London Top Ten Hyperlocals By Registered Membership

East Dulwich Forum – n/a, 42,371* – 19,500 – 23,077 – 7,300  – 7,300** – 5,740 – 6,544 – 5,204 –  6,292  – 3,512 – 5,944
Harringay Online – 4,000 – 5,000+ – 3,900 – 4,491 – 2,600 – 3,131 – 2,903 – No updated numbers – 2,040 – 2,311

*Apologies again to Mark at East Dulwich Forum for missing him off last time. His site actually has over 60,000 registered member but he estimates the number above is the amount of real active accounts.

**James at SE1 points out that his site has two membership lists – one for newsletter subscriptions and one for the forum

Top London Hyperlocals By Revenue

Most sites have been a bit cagey about how much money they are making and I’ve tended to assume if they are reluctant to share numbers the numbers are low.

To work it out I’ve looked at claimed traffic numbers and ad rates on site with an adjustment for the quality of advertisers (lower revenue assumptions for Ad Words and banner farms).

There is no pretence this is anything other than broad brush so I’ve categorised them in terms of six figure or five figure annual revenues. There are bound to be some I’ve missed so if you should be on this list please let me know.

Six Figure Annual Revenue

Five Figure Annual Revenue

Harringay Online



It’s quite a short list but I think there are large number of site in the four figure annual revenue category that wouldn’t need that much more of a push to get to five. At that level a site appears to be sustainable and once it gets there tends to break the short life cycle of hyperlocal. I’m not entirely convinced that any hyperlocal outside London has a five figure revenue.

Top London Hyperlocals By Traffic

In some ways this is even more difficult to calculate than revenue because there are so many different ways that sites measure traffic. Some sites report numbers which are plainly inflated – not that they are trying to mislead it is just that their stats package is not good at weeding out bots and spam attempts.

I don’t think it is possible to even guess at rankings based on traffic but with 60,000 uniques a month and Kentishtowner with 50,000 will definitely be among the top few. Harringay Online quotes 30,000 and sites like, and are in the 20,000 plus range.

What this seems to indicate is that 20,000 visitors a month is probably the target for any site wishing to be economically sustainable.

As ever all feedback is appreciated.



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7 Responses to London Hyperlocal Rankings

  1. Interesting stuff. Other metrics that would be valuable for determining what makes a successful hyperlocal are profits of course (or a combo of revenues and size of staffing as a proxy), and penetration rates of areas covered (combo of population and returning visitors within monthly numbers). West Hampstead Life is in that four-figure revenue category that expects to be in the five figures in 2014.

    • Thanks West Hampstead (and for prompting me to check which comments were in moderation). Best of luck getting to five figures. Profits and staff comparisons would be interesting but even harder to get numbers than for revenue.

  2. zoeliv says:

    Hi Kevin, I’m Zoe from the Brixton Blog. Thanks for this piece – really interesting. Just to say, we’re not anywhere near a five figure revenue (we wish!). I don’t think you contacted us before but if you’d like more information on income, visitor stats etc then do email Tim and I at info(at)brixtonblog(dot)com. Thanks! Zoe

  3. Cane says:

    Great work, Kevin in London. You forgot SE Magazines Ltd though. They are v active in south east London and have been publishing in key postcodes for years. Disclaimer: I know this as I used to advertise with them…

  4. L Horton says:

    There are lots more including mine and others in Waltham Forest and Wanstead. TownTalk tried to set up across London though they appear to be run by a national company with a local ‘editor’. Leytonstone’s version showed photo of our well known local windmill (yeah, right ..) so you may discount them as a genuine hyperlocal..

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