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Local News Partnerships – The BBC Finds A Way To Do More Of What It Does Badly Worse

The BBC have just announced the results of the tenders for their local news reporting project in which they are funding journalists across the country to write up council meetings. The scheme is described as a working agreement with the … Continue reading

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Could A Functioning Local Media Have Saved Grenfell Tower Residents?

The area around Grenfell Tower is not served by a proper local newspaper. Neither does it seem to have any well-established online local news provision. It is one of the many areas of the UK which is essentially a black … Continue reading

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Statutory Notices: Will Anybody Actually Want Eric’s Going Away Present?

At last! Someone is getting to grips with the problem of tens of millions of pounds being spent on providing key information about what is happening in their area in a way that almost guarantees they won’t see it. Eric … Continue reading

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2014 – The Year The Hyperlocal Dream Ended?

At the start of the year I confidently expected and publicly predicted that 2014 would be one of profound change in local media in the UK. In the event nothing that significant happened. Read what is written below with that … Continue reading

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WordPress and Hyperlocal

My early post on London Hyperlocal rankings attracted a lot of comment and feedback, most of it surprisingly positive. I say surprisingly, because the exercise was very unscientific and involved a high degree of guess work so I anticipated some … Continue reading

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London Hyperlocal Rankings

I’ve revisited the numbers that I did two years ago because people found them very interesting first time around and there were some serious omissions, one of which I spotted last week. It’s just for fun so please don’t get … Continue reading

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Local World Are Not Stupid

Firstly, apologies for the neglect of this blog. I’ve been busy with proper work and had nothing interesting to say. Local World is a profoundly disliked and distrusted organisation. It is no secret that its reason for being is to cut … Continue reading

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